You Know What Burns My Britches……

……..hearing people say that phrase. A lot. Like how can you even be alive with your britches being burned constantly.

Seriously, have you ever heard some phrases and wonder how or why they cam to be? Yea, me too….let’s discuss a few shall we…..

1. It’s cold as hell outside.

  • -__________- (<– extreme stale face) Now, I don’t know about you, but in my life, I was taught that hell was hot. Seriously, hotter than a bbq in the Sahara in July hot. And yet, here we are discussing how hell is cold. This I will not accept. At. All.

2. Fuckin’ A man……

  • Now, I am more prone to hear younger members of the Caucasian persuasion saying this but here’s what I want to know….if you can say fuckin’ why cant you say ass? And what does fuckin’ ass mean anyway? Or does A mean something else? Can someone PLEASE enlighten me on this one…I is confused.

3. It’s colder than a witches’ tit

  • o_O When exactly have you EVER been close enough to a witch to know how cold her tit is? Go ahead and explain, I’ll wait…….

4. …but regardless to the point….

  • This right here. I wanna smack everyone who says this. Why are we even talking if you are not even discussing the point? If the point is not to be regarded, why are you even in the conversation? Go. Sat. Down.

5. ….truth be told…..

  • So, if you have to say this in conversation, I am to assume that you are normally lying? Like seriously? (yea, that’s another one I am guilty of using, sorry)


So, what burns your britches? Tell me all about it…..we can make this a great list!! And then start a movement to end this rampant miscarriage of justice!!

5 Responses to You Know What Burns My Britches……

  1. megryansmom says:

    Being of the Caucasian persuasion, I always took fucking a to mean “you are correct” or “that’s right” As in:

    Wow you sound pissed.

    Fucking A I am!

  2. Edwin says:

    What burns my britches? Gettin in my wife’s car in the winter time……..she always leaves the heated seats on and i always forget to turn them off…….takes a while for them to warm up, it’s a slow burn but still leaves your pants and ass HOT.

  3. Edwin says:

    hmmmmmm colder than a witches’ tit? now that i think back on my ex-wife……there is sooooo much truth to that one

  4. Edwin says:

    cold as hell……..that’s the part of hell where they make the “icy-hot” patches

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