Whose stuff is this?




How many times a day have you had to say ‘Whose shirt/game/puzzle/jacket/shoe is this?’ Me, I say it AT LEAST 4292635982365981632593 1/2 times a day. No seriously I really do. The Clones, Batman and Superman, are almost 10 (only in their minds, they are really almost 6), and have a tendency to want the same shit stuff crap thing a lot of the time.  This makes for some serious arguments over whose stuff is whose.  For items like their Leapsters and the associated games, assorted books, crayons and the like, telling the items apart can be near impossible.  Somehow they have learned to know whose is whose. Well, I don’t always have time to deal with that, so I wanted labels to make it easy for me (and as the ONLY femme in the house, it really is all about me).  So I had tried using Sharpies to write their names (permanent my ass), and then my label maker (um little boys peel things, so um no) to no avail.

And then another M.O.M. (mother of multiples) hipped me to Mabel’s Labels.

Holy Mother of Mayhem Management

These women must have read my mind. First of all I LOVE labels. Like seriously. I am a quasi only child so I want it to be clear what is mine and not yours. Labels are a godsend.

I am SO excited about getting labels for the clones stuff. I plan to label EVERYTHING, as they will be first graders this fall, and I want to limit how many supplies I have to re-buy because someone took my stuff. Their pencils, lunch box, book bags, jackets and shoes will all be labeled. If necessary, I will label them, I mean they are identical (or so I’ve been told, as they don’t look alike to me).

So in your spare time (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as if) you should definitely check them out.

And for the record, the labels do not have to be just for your kids.  You can totally get labels for your household items too. I am using mine to label my ice cream currently. (don’t judge me)

So head on over to Mabel’s Labels and get yourself a piece of sanity. As mothers, we need every little piece we can.

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