Where Have All The Mirrors Gone?

Someone please find me Weird Al cuz I think have the best parody to Paula Cole’s ‘Where Have All he Cowboys Gone?’.

Seriously, are there no more good friends left in the world? Why are we allowing our friends, sisters, mothers, brothers to go out in public lookin’ a Hot Ash Mess? Where has the accountability gone?  Who are these retail employees that LIE to these people and tell them they look good in these clothes? They should be fired. I mean yea we all know you want to make a few dollars, but really at the expense of my eyes. I think not good sir, I. Think. Not.

Here are a few shots of just life faux pas, not just fashion faux pas:

Now, I am sure all of these people thought they were really doing something, and they were – BEING JUST DAM WRONG!!!!!!

I bet all of these people got up in the morning, got dressed, looked in the mirror (o_O), and thought “Yup, I am the ISH!” Sorry sad little humanoids, I hate to deflate your already small bubble, but you are NOT the ish.

Do not pass go.

Do not collect $200.

DO fire all of your friends, family, and co-workers.

DO go buy a mirror.

Do look in it everyday.

Do ask yourself – Would I want to be seen with someone dressed like this? If the answer is no, go change clothes. If the answer is yes, KNOW that you will be ridiculed and discussed on blogs ALL. OVER. THE. WORLD.

For those that feel the same as me – a movement has begun.

WE are the world’s mirrors.

WE must do our part in ending this foolishness.



This is not for the faint at heart. Or the fashion challenged.

World, consider your self on notice.

This revolution WILL be televised!

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