When Writing Goes Blank

I was totally charged and pumped and and full of ideas to write about back when I was sort of chronicling my LTYM experience. My goal was to use that fuel to get my blog back on track. Clearly, that didn’t happen.


I was admittedly bullied by my inner anxiety monster that my words didn’t matter. What’s crazy is I thought I had slayed that monster when I became a LTYM cast member. It sucks when your fears make you think you won the war, when in reality, you really only won a battle…


<shaking it off….>

So, I am back, an army of one (wait, isn’t that their motto or something…?)….and that’s ok :-). I know from experience that someone, somewhere out there (beneath the pale moonlight…did I just quote Fievel….ugh I need to do better) could use my sense of humor and word play to get through another moment. And I can use this space as a brain dump and take you along for the ride.

So, bear with me as I find my writing mojo again. My thoughts will be a little scattered, but in the end it will all make sense….or it won’t ;-)…..

Power Puff Me!!

3 Responses to When Writing Goes Blank

  1. Megan says:

    Pour that coffee and get that mojo going, my LTYM big sis! We are in it together again!

  2. And that is just fine. Your words. Your blog. Your way.

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