What’s in my cup? Casi Cielo

Ok, so its no secret that I am a coffee connoisseur. Some may say an aficionado. And others call me a coffee snob. And I don’t care.

I know what I like. And even more what I don’t like.

I like my coffee like I like my mew – strong and dark. 🙂

The stronger the better.

And if it’s Fair Trade, I am truly in heaven.

So I thought it would be fun to share with you what I am drinking every week.

This weeks brew is from Starbucks Casi Cielo from Guatemala.  Casi Cielo means almost heaven and that’s exactly what it tastes like. With an elegant, floral, satisfying cocoa finish, Casi Cielo is sure to make your day that much better.

This is a favorite of mine due to its smooth subtleness. Sometimes you need a big POW! in the morning but sometimes you need a smooth, mellow stroll into sanity. Especially on a Monday, since it will be maniacal all on its own. This is that smooth, mellow stroll. I am a home grinder, so the first smell of the beans bursting open is a daily treat for me. I love how its smells so much stronger than it is. I literally have to keep myself from eating the grinds its smells so good. Seriously. (do NOT judge me).

This is a seasonal offering from Starbucks, so hurry and get yours before I buy it all its gone :-).

Casi Cielo

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