What’s in my cup? Guatemala Huehuetenango

Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-ten-ango) is a city in the highlands of western Guatemala. Their main export is coffee. And amazing coffee it is.

I have been stalking this particular bean for a while and it has been procured locally, at Beverly Bakery and Cafe.

While watching the Western Ave. episode of Chicago’s Best, this lovely shop was featured. While Mr. Incredible was enchanted by the food offerings, I was mesmerized by the coffee choices and the fact that they roast on site. ON SITE!!!! I almost melted away when I heard this. Needless to say, we were there within the week and WOW!!!

Ok, so yes I did eat the food but I was enamored with all of the freshly roasted beans they offered. When I saw this Guatemala Huehuetenango, I almost fell down. I was instantly hooked.

The Huehuetenango (I know, I just like the way it sounds 🙂 ) is a light, brisk, clean brew. It’s aromatics are peppery, its high notes tangy lemon citrus. It’s a straightforward, uncomplicated cup, with nutty pecan flavors, light body and a slightly sweet finish. In other words, magnificently delicious. It’s a dark roast without being overly dark or bitter. Pairs extremely well with desserts, and breakfast. (Unless you are me, and dessert IS breakfast)

The coffee offerings at Beverly Bakery are outstanding, and I cannot wait until I can get a new bean to try.  If you plan to go soon, and are in the Chicago area, let’s meet up.


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