Turning Off and Tuning Out

You may or may not know that I write for another site. I know, I know, you are thinking you hardly write here anymore, how could you possibly write somewhere else? Well how about that doesn’t even matter right now, ok?

Enteeways, as I was saying when I rudely interrupted before I said something, I write for another site.One of the editors there (yea, they big time) said one of my posts wasn’t me. WTFudgeycakes?!?!? Of course its me, I wrote it! No, no, no, she said….its not snarky (is that even a word?) enough, it doesn’t have that signature sarcastic humor you always write with. Do it again.

Excuse me? Did she just say I wasn’t writing like myself and I needed to do it again?

Uh, no, I politely told her. This is me. Everything I have to say isn’t snarky or sarcastic or humorous. I am not ALWAYS on.

To which she kindly replied, well you should be.


I had never considered that people expect me to be ‘ON’ all the time. I mean, I know I have said some funny things, but not all the time. And yea, I am sarcastic, but not all the time.

Can I not be off? Am I not allowed to tune out?

Well, I did, and I have, and I liked it.  As much as I like being on, I treasure the moments when I can be off. If I am always on, you won’t enjoy me as much in the long run. There will be no surprise in our times together, and I am all about keeping you on your toes.

So to those of you who live as the life of the party, turn off sometimes.




Being on all the time takes a toll on you.

And its ok to turn off and tune out.

And if they don’t like it, find a really sarcastic, snarky statement, say it to them, and proceed to turn off and tune them out.

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