The Joy Inside My Tears

I am pretty sure that Sir Stevie Wonder did NOT have grieving in mind when he released this song back in 1976. He also had no idea of how poignant it would be 38 years later. Or how it would speak to my grief 39 years later. This song has been the theme to my grief. I am forever grateful to have seen him sing this live alongside my mother before she made her transition. It was even more powerful when I saw Mr. Wonder sing this song again, alone, bringing me full circle.

November 2014, United Center, Chicago - Stevie Wonder concert

November 2014, United Center, Chicago – Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life Concert

Technically, it has been 6048 hours; 252 days; 36 weeks; 8 months since my mother transitioned. And yet feels like it just happened. I don’t even understand how I have made it to this day, nor do I know how I will get through all of the others. And yet, I will. Mostly because I have, and also because I can.

Grief is an all-encompassing, never ending roller coaster ride that can sometimes move like a snail and other times have more loop-de-loops than the mightiest of coasters.

As I approach the one year marker of my ‘new normal’, I hope you will be able to see the joy inside my tears.

Thank you Mr. Wonder…..for you have done what no one thought could be…you helped my find some joy inside my tears……

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