Reality Check

So, I have been having an internal battle with myself about my place in the cast of Listen To Your Mother this year. My anxious mind had me convinced that I didn’t belong; that I wasn’t good enough to be with this caliber of writer, let alone be on stage. No one would want to hear what I had to say. Well, I started to believe this. And say these things out loud because my anxiety ridden brain told me it was true.

And then our first rehearsal happened. And my anxious brain got a reality check.

I had another title all planned out for this post – My First Audience. I was going to tell you all about how amazing this group of people is and how I STILL wasn’t sure if I fit in. But I got a much needed reality check. And it was so full of love, truth and honestly that my anxiety had to drop its head in shame in making me feel that I wasn’t worthy.

This group of people, this amazing group of talented HUMANS, includes me. Because I too am talented. And amazing. And human. And worthy to be a member of this cast.

Take THAT Anxious Brain!

Anxious Brain Р0, Sidney  Р1

Our first rehearsal was nothing short of amazing. We told our stories to complete strangers. But as the readings went on, we slowly, quickly, emotionally, became family. It was such an overwhelming experience. I was so happy to be embraced by everyone. And even happier to return the love and embracing.

We laughed, and cried and giggled and shared and ate and laughed some more. By the time we left, we were all old friends and kindred spirits. We were connected in ways I know I didn’t think was possible. I am so very grateful to have met Kathy, Megan, Bonnie, Francie, Rachel, Ann, Nina, Mollie, Beth and Pete.

I am even more grateful for the reality check I received.

Here we are…all together for the first time:

2016 Listen To Your Mother Chicago Cast beautifully captured by Balee Images LLC

2016 Listen To Your Mother Chicago Cast beautifully captured by Balee Images LLC

I do hope you will come out and see us on May 1st. It will be an AWETASTIC show that you do not want to miss. You can get tickets here.  Early bird pricing until March 31st.

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  1. beth says:

    Well said and thrilled to be part of the unique experience with you.

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