Oh Spring, where art thou?

In my neck of the woods, we have 2 seasons, Winter and the rest of the year. Summer,Spring and Fall have a tendency to come and go as they please – sometimes in the same day.

This year, Winter has decided to take over the ENTIRE weather system and wreak havoc on our souls. Collectively, we must have been awful in past lives to endure such harsh conditions.

For instance, this past Tuesday, we had FREEZING rain……. Now, normally this would…no, no, no, there is no NORMALLY in respect to freezing rain. It is just wrong. WRONG I say!

Fast forward to yesterday….it’s roughly 40 degrees and people are outside with no coats and toes out! TOES OUT!!!! What the what?!?! You give the Midwest a few warm minutes and they loose it!

Oh Spring….can you just come back for real….we miss you terribly!


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  1. I’m SO ready for spring! That 70 degree day was such a huge tease!!

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