My Other One True Love

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In any language, it sounds delicious.

So it has been said that I am addicted to coffee. I generally beg to differ and say I am addicted to caffeine. I have stopped. I am totally and completely addicted to coffee.  And Catalytic Coffee Co. is my new supplier.

This coffee is SO. DAM. GOOD. Like seriously.  I don’t play when it comes to my coffee. I don’t want a coffee maker that will continue to cook my coffee while it sits on that little hot plate. I have moved on from using a thermal carafe as well. I need it more pure than that, so I use a Brazilian Press and it is the. best. way. to. have. coffee. PERIOD.

They offer four delishus blends. Lets discuss them in the order I prefer them shall we :-)…

Midnight Oil – my ABSOLUTE favorite

Deadline, code freeze, exam cramming, or BUILDING A ROCKET ENGINE? Whatever your reason, this blend has been tweaked for your all-nighter. HARNESS THE UNBOUNDED ENERGY and confidence of a MAD SCIENTIST and burn evenly all night long. Desperate times call for Catalytic measures, so imbibe as necessary.

Now, I know it is touted as the coffee best consumed when pulling an all-nighter, however I love it to start my day.  It is an amazing dark roast, full bodied and so full of flavor, perfect for that first thing in the morning jolt.  I prefer dark roasts and this is truly the most flavorful dark roast I have had in a long time.

Recharge – My #2

Rebound, regroup and RESCUE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY. Recharge eliminates post-prandial somnolence and procrastination. Recommended intake is hot or cold espresso shots at disgustingly low pH. Timid folk who have not yet destroyed their stomach lining can temper it with pasteurized cow lactation.

Some mornings I just don’t have it. Those are my Midnight Oil mornings.  Some mornings I have a little bit of it, those are my Recharge mornings.  I definitely prefer this blend cold brewed and it is so good that way.  I think some coffees are meant to be served cold, and this is one.  I have always been an all day coffee drinker, so I always need something with a bit of a punch and man oh man this is great.

Blast Off – my first foray into the Catalytic Coffee realm

HANDLE WITH CARE. Contains proprietary propellant for your initial launch into productivity orbit. Ingest untainted, mixed with pasteurized cow lactation, or soybean extract.

Wow. When I received my box of coffee, I definitely wanted to blast off. I was tired of traditional coffee and while there are some blends from other coffee houses I like a lot, I was ready for a change.  I like to have options with my coffee flavors and strengths, and after a while, other brands were all starting to taste the same, which is how I ended up at Catalytic Coffee in the first place.  Blast Off literally took me to the next level.  My mouth was SO happy to sip this delishus brew.  My taste buds were singing the praises of good coffee once again.

Off The Clock – the calming brew

WORLD DOMINATION IS DEMANDING WORK. Even evil masterminds need to unwind from a hard day of weilding power with impunity. This begs for a decadent brew much more indulgent than that imbibed during the daily grind of taking minds and crushing spirits. TREAT YOURSELF while entertaining delusions of grandeur alone or while gloating in front of your vanquished arch nemesis. Recommended preparation: However you damn well please. THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

Sigh. Some days come in with such an adrenaline fueled FML punch, you can’t handle a coffee with a huge punch, but you NEED your daily dose of coffee just to make your head stop spinning so you can focus on the crisis at hand.  Today was one of those days for me. And as I expected, Off The Clock was exactly what I needed.  A milder blend, it gave me the flavor and small jolt I needed so my brain could slow down to process the mornings events.

Some relationships are just meant to be. Some addictions need to be fueled.  The relationship I have willingly stepped into with Catalytic Coffee Co. has definitely been a game changer for me.  My love of coffee, or coffee snobbery if you will, has been stepped up a notch, and I am happy about it.

If you are a coffee snob connoisseur like me, I would definitely suggest you give them a try.  Four Blends, done right. You will not be disappointed.

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