My Mental Getaway

Ok, so Chicago JUST got out of the grips of Mr. Freeze and something called a Polar Vortex. Personally, I think Mother Nature wanted to prove to us that we are in fact in hell and that it had in fact frozen over. It was roughly negative 98918951519 here, give or take a few degrees. As I froze, my hubby, The Gadget Consultant, was chillin’ out in Vegas at #CES2014.

Color. Me. Jealous.

Whatever. I’m over it. I mean he did bring me back some goodies :-).

Anyways, as I was saying… I sat here freezing, wondering what we as a city had collectively done wrong to deserve this brutal mistreatment, I felt myself leave my body. I felt warm and relaxed. And then it dawned on me……I was mentally somewhere else. I was in paradise…

Last year, Mr. Incredible, The Clones and I went on a 9 day vacation to Serenity Lifestyles in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It was AMAZING. Astonishing. Astounding. Awesome. Magnificent.

The Clones actually turned 8 while we were there and there was a party. Can you even imagine? They were in heaven.

Party Party Party

Party Party Party


Superman and Batman Baby A and Baby B Thing 1 and Thing 2

Superman and Batman
Baby A and Baby B
Thing 1 and Thing 2

We had a 3-bedroom villa with a maid and a chef who made us breakfast every morning. I wanted to bring him home. I may have even tried. The location was absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait to go back. These thoughts are what keep me alive through this winter. I hope they warm you up as well.

Man that dolphin could fly!

Man that dolphin could fly!

Simple peace

Simple peace

I'll race you!

I’ll race you!

One of the rooms....with a view. This was my back yard....

One of the rooms….with a view. This was my back yard….

Yup, mentally this is where I am…..and I need to go back. Soon and very soon……

Wish we were still there.....missing this version of us!

Wish we were still there…..missing this version of us!


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