My new imaginary Super Bestie….Jen Lancaster

Ok, so I just finished reading the most outrageous, hysterically random book EVER!!!!

Jen Lancaster is a GENIUS, and I swear if I were white and a Republican, or if she were black and a Democrat, we would be twins that had been separated at birth!!!  She has a way with words that had me literally laughing out loud on the train ride home, daily.

I love reading, but having been in and out of school for awhile (another story, don’t ask), I hadn’t read anything for fun in quite sometime. Until now. One of the Super Besties (kind of like Super Friends but WAAAY better! ), Captain Random, gave it to me and said with a straight face – I found your Caucasian twin, but she’s a Republican.  I about died when she said it thinking, there is no way.  Wrong!!  This book spoke to me, in a way that only a true coffee loving, Target shopping, sarcastic comment making person could.  It was like looking at my life, except my name isn’t Jen, I didn’t do well in the dot com era (actually I didn’t do anything at all) and I don’t live on the North side or have dogs.  Ok, so maybe not exactly like looking at my life, but seriously, she said some things and did some things that I either have done or would do.

If you are looking for a book that speaks to the reality of real life then this is it.  If you have ever lived in a big city and enjoyed all its nuances, good and bad, you will love this book.  If you occasionally look back on your life and go ‘Seriously, WTF dude?’ this book is for you.

And if you know Jen Lancaster, please tel her I would love to sit on her porch, drink coffee and talk about the people walking by with her.  I am SO serious. I would LOVE to meet her and talk about nothing over coffee and have a blast!

So, what are you reading and why? I am always looking for a good read so don’t be selfish with your title, share!

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