Losses, Gains and Tryptophan


I woke up this morning to a text letting me know my aunt had passed in the wee hours of the morning.  Its Thanksgiving Eve, this isn’t supposed to happen.  Although to be fair, I cannot think of any other day where this would be ok.  So my day started off kinda sucky, and being in Chicago, it didn’t get much better.  We got rain (I think the angels were crying for my families loss, at least the thought made me feel better) and in some places snow (well, it is November in the Chi..) and my mom wouldn’t let me have a drink (don’t lean on the bottle…lean? I was going to dive right in.)  Anyway, I have stumbled over this hump and spoken to my cousins and told my son.  That sucked most of all. I couldn’t hug my cousins because they are too far away and I couldn’t hug my son because he wouldn’t let me.  Sign of the times with teenagers I guess…


My mother is home for being treated for a mild cancer flare up.  I know I make it sound like an ulcer but since she was stage zero, it kind of was like a flare up.  And she made it through the treatment like a rock star (the doctors words, not mine).  I have never felt more grown-up than I have these last few months from taking care of her.  I kind of amazed my self, and would sometimes look into the mirror and say yes, you are exactly who she raised you to be.  I have also gained a piece of myself back that I thought was lost.  I found I have a creative bug and started a business making floral accessories. (I shall blog about that on another post.) I am back in school.  I *think* I know what I want to be when I grow up (as if I would ever grown up, HA!) I even got  renewed sense of self.


Well seeing as tomorrow is National Eat Yourself Into A Coma day, we are making (2), yes (2) turkeys in celebration of the occasion.   Mr. Incredible (my hubby, not the Disney/Pixar guy) is going to brine one tonite and grill that sucker in the morning. Yum!!!  I am going to cook the other in the oven, stuffing the cavity with tasty aromatics, including an apple.  Again, Yum!!!

So this year, I am thankful for being able to tell you what I am thankful for; I am thankful for the Super Besties – they helped me find my voice; Mr. Incredible – he helped me find me; The Clones and their Leader – they make me glad to me a mother (most of the time); Madame Butterfly – because she is the best role model a daughter could have; my Girls – because they help me stay out of my way; and everyone else who has crossed my path or read my words – you make me smile, and you don’t even try.  I am most thankful that all of you reading this have something to be thankful for as well; life could be a lot different, but here we are, sharing and caring and loving…feels good doesn’t it?  Remember this feeling when you are out there on Friday practically beheading some person who took the LAST gray sweater that you were after..hahahaha

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Captain Hysterical

4 Responses to Losses, Gains and Tryptophan

  1. Ronni says:

    Bravo, CH, bravo…

  2. tracey says:

    I am so sorry for your loss… Can’t say much else about that, can I?

    I love that you included everything you’re grateful for. Hope it was a fabulous holiday despite the sadness and that you didn’t burn any turkeys or appendages.

  3. Uctweety says:

    I love you boo. I am thankful that you are in my daughter’s life. And I WILL hug you as soon as I see you!

  4. Captain Random! says:

    hey life took a course other than my own this m=past month now catching up on it… and thank you

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