Life with The Clones

The Clones, Batman and Superman, have a tendency to have these conversations that…well……just read……


Food Critic Superman: Dad, you did good on the fish. It looks nice, has good moisture, and it tastes really good.
Food Critic Batman: Yeah, it tastes like clown fish.
Mr. Incredible: O_o …


Batman: Hey, that mine, my spit is on it.
Superman: So what, we have the same DNA…..
Me & Mr. Incredible: o_O
Me: Those are YOUR dam kids lol
Him: o_O


Batman: Mom I have a headache.
Superman: Me too.
Me: Aww, let me rub your head.
Them: Yea, too much knowledge, it can’t all fit.
Me: o_O


TeeTee: Batman, hit your Dougie.
Batman: Nah, I’m retired.


Batman & Superman

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