Late Night Thoughts

  • You are always a virgin because its always your first time with someone new.
  • If prison sex isn’t real sex, what is it?
  • Isn’t non-alcoholic wine grape juice?
  • What is the point of sugar free chocolate?
  • Decaf coffee, or brown water as I like to call it, should never be an option.
  • I am not smarter than a fifth grader, mainly because I do not remember learning ANY of that stuff in fifth grade.
  • If you start the comment off with “No homo….’ it probably is.
  • With all of the arthritics in the world, why hasn’t anyone created a cartilage substitute? All of us don’t want titanium parts…
  • Did you know most acrylic in nail shops is meant for teeth and not fingers?
  • What are the second world countries?
  • What kind of cookie is a chocolate chip cookie WITHOUT the chocolate chips?

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