Happiness is…Forgiveness

Happiness! One of my most favorite topics.  That’s why I’ve joined host and bestselling Publisher Linda Joy as a Sacred Sponsor of the Choosing Happiness Crusade and Video Series.  This inspirational series features 30 intimate soul-inspiring video conversations created to inspire YOU to believe that despite the messiness of life – happiness is within reach. Unlike other “interview’ style events Linda’s style makes you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with your dearest friends getting real, raw and vulnerable!

So when you think of happiness, what word comes to mind? Family is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Unless of course you are me, because CLEARLY I am thinking coffee and/or cake :-). But I digress…. At this point in my life, Happiness is Forgiveness. So many things have happened in my world as of late and I am choosing to forgive those that have trespassed against me.

Life gave me an entire orchard of bad lemons and instead of throwing them at people, I forgave. People very close to me did some (un)intentional things to hurt me to the core. I am (working on) forgiving them. Because what I have come to realize is that, I cannot allow you to make me unhappy. My happiness is mine to control, not an outside source. The first step is forgiveness – both them and yourself. You cannot move forward without releasing that which hurt you in the past.

So, the next time life decides to give you a basket of crap, take a deep breath, relax and forgive. Don’t let anyone or anything have power over YOUR happiness.

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