Guilty Pleasures

Sex In The City.

Real Housewives of (insert major city name here)

Dancing with the Stars

American Idol

This list could go on for days.  We all have a guilty pleasure television show to watch. Naturally some are better than others depending on how you define better.  My guilty pleasure shows require you to have Comcast, Dish or DirecTV.

DiscoveryID is my Mecca of guilty pleasure tv. Dangerous Women. Who the Bleep Did I Marry? On the Case with Paula Zahn. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. These are the things that my day can be full of.  My doctor suggested I cut back, as she thought it was adding to my downward spiraling mood swings. I said no way, just up the dose on the Zoloft sister!!

Ranking these shows can be difficult for me, as I do love them all, but there are two that rank pretty high on my list.

I *Almost* Got Away With It and Prison Wives.

Holy Mother of Mayhem!

I *Almost* Got Away With It.

I mean how much more explanation could you possibly need. This show highlights the ever abundant cockiness and occasionally the utter stupidity of criminals.  And I so enjoy the reenactments. I mean can you imagine getting the script for this from your agent?

Agent: Hey Sal, I got this part for ya. It on cable. TONS of viewers.

Sal: Oh yea? Cable huh? Is it a comedy, cuz yanno, I’m pretty funny…

Agent: Oh yea Sal, its FREAKIN” hilarious!  You get to play a guy on the run for a quadruple murder.  This guy is on the lam for 10 years and gets homesick for his mothers apple pie so he comes back in to town, stops at the local bar and sits down next to the FBI Agent who reopened the case. I tell ya, I think this will be a real breakthrough role for you!

Sal: o_O

Ok, ok, ok, so maybe his name wouldn’t be Sal but you get the idea. I mean you NEVER see these actors in ANYTHING else.  I just can’t imagine what the pay must be for random shooter #5.  Anywho, this show is a real comedy for me, and well, I do my best to watch it every day.

And now for the pièce de résistance (drum roll please)


Geezus, Josuff n Merry

This show right here is reality tv at its best – cuz its reality. Like for real for real.  These women marry men who are incarcerated for fiddy-lebben years times 5, with no hope of ever seeing the other side of a barbed wired electric fence. Did I mention they are marrying these menses AFTER they are incarcerated? Like no conjugal vistating, ain’t no kids, no Christmas with the in-laws. Nunna dat. NUNNA DAT!!!! These chicks are moving their kids around, city to city, state to state, so they can be within driving distance of their husbands.  I don’t understand the mindset of these women, and clearly I am not going to, but at the minimum at least they are wives, unlike some other shows that have WIFE in the title and yet none are to be found.

But I digress.  What is your television guilty pleasure?  What is it about the show that keeps you coming back for more? Is it so awful its amazing? Or more like a train wreck? Like is your DVR overflowing with episodes you haven’t watched yet? Just me? Oh ok, well uh yea, keep talkin and I listen to you while I catch up on my shows.

p.s. Saved on the Strip gets an honorable mention. I mean come on, an ex ‘Lady of The Night’ saving current Ladies of The Night because she understands where they’ve been and can help them go from making $55,000 a day to $12 an hour. Yes lawd, I can see the savin’ a commin’!!!

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  1. I like the Duggars. But I don’t consider them a guilty pleasure, per say. More of a silly pleasure. I mean, I KNOW what will happen. It’ll be sweet and happy and the kids will all work together towards a common goal with absolute respect for their parents. That’s kind of like a lifeline, knowing that it’s POSSIBLE, even if it’s not PROBABLE.

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