Fixation Issues


Hello, my name is Hysterical Mom and I have fixation issues.

<hearing you all welcome me by collectively saying ‘Hi HM’. I feel welcome.>

I have SERIOUS fixation issues…….been that way for a while now. I starting looking for or needing something and then BAM! everything is about that one thing. My house is full of stuff because of my fixation issues and I seriously need to get it under control.

To give you some context…..

I have 6 purple purses because they were each almost the right shade of purple that I am honestly not even sure exists.

I have 8 orange purses because well see purple bags.

I have about 30 other random purses because options….

I have a mills worth of yarn because I really like arm and finger knitting…..until I don’t. But the yarn is so pretty.

I have about 5834984986 mugs because funny sayings.

I have about 4598369828 bags of coffee beans because coffee duh!

I have about 5843693464 feets (foots?) worth of silly socks because why not?

And it goes so much further past this. Images, quotes, movies, song lyrics – you name it, I have probably fixated on it. Some days I can deal, but others….not so much. I had gotten it under control until I lost my mother and then BAM!! here we go again.

<hangs head>

HER thing was butterflies. HER. THING. Not mine. Hers. See where this is going? Yea…..

I have a new collection of all things butterfly – jewelry, mugs, pictures, stickers, art, phone cases, tattoos……


I am almost ashamed of myself. Almost. The others I can still manage but that last one, well that’s for another day and a few visits to The Couch. (How I love The Couch) The Butterfly fixation has actually helped my grieving process, but it’s not my thing, so I fixate on that fact and do well for a while until I see something and well you can imagine how this cycle goes…..

Mr. Incredible, my husband, has been really good about my various and assorted collections of things, but they are even starting to stress me out. I am now starting to fixate on the purge. I just hope it helps me curb my collecting.

Do you fixate? Has it taken over your house? How do you deal with it?

Tell me!! I need all the help I can get!

(Oh. Em. Gee. Please comment so that I don’t fixate on this too….lbvvs)




6 Responses to Fixation Issues

  1. I fixate on fixing things. Projects. Cute stuff. But all cute stuff that needs me to assemble it from scratch. Most of the time, I do them, but never when I purchase the supplies for it. I’m getting better though. One project at a time, and when I finish that one, I do the next one.

  2. Sue says:

    O. M. G.
    Please see my closet.
    Filled with
    Yarn let’s learn to knit
    Mrs Beasley and Drowsey childhood anyone
    Every book ever written. I did read them but now refuse to pass them on
    Every cookbook ever written. See above
    Could we possibly be more alike? I mean seriously?
    And why did I not know that you wrote a blog?

  3. Kris says:

    I know all about your fixation issues! Can’t say that I fixate. However, I will research the hell out of something or shop around until I find that perfect one thing. But umm… there is nothing wrong with having a few purses. Jus saying.

  4. Melanie says:

    I fixate on accomplishing something so I buy tons of tools to help: planners, apps, notebooks, journals, books on goal setting, books on organizing yourself, books on time management, cute pens that inspire me to write in the above mentioned items… to no avail. I’ve learned the best way for me to accomplish most things is to start it and let the strategy or plan for completion come during the process.

  5. atma says:

    Take baby steps.
    One by one.
    (limitation is good)
    Give away thing. barter for a pot of plant, an old coin, a drawing for ur wall to people who actually use them.
    Love myself for being the unique fool that I am.
    Smile and breath.

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