Feeling sluggish?

Wow….Black Friday killed your feet. Cyber Monday killed your clicking finger.  All the holiday tweets and status updates and e-cards put a hurting on your motherboard. Sounds to me like your machine probably needs a check-up. Well, have I got news for you!  ChicaPC-fix is the answer for all of us tech savvy and not so tech savvy mama’s who wish computer jargon could be easier, especially when having to explain it to someone who is less savvy than you.  ChicaPC-fix is the new baby of ChicaLogic, and I quote:

ChicaLogic seeks to empower women ages 16-65 in the area of technology – specifically helping them understand the tools available to keep their computers running optimally and securely, and programs and software to help them be more efficient in their jobs and in their daily lives. We break down technical jargon into easy-to-understand pieces, using humorous analogies when possible that woman can relate to.

I was SO excited when I learned of this product!  At the moment, I have a laptop that isn’t feeling so well, and I was trying to find a software that would let me make her better without going to Level 3 Tech Support (i.e. my hubby, Mr. Incredible).  This has allowed me to be my own tech support without feeling like I need a degree from MIT.  And I am fairly tech savvy, but still sometime the jargon gets me.

A little tease of how cool it looks when you use it:

See how healthy your pc really is.

PC Health Report summary

Healthy and faster pc thanks to ChicaPC-Fix!

So with all of that in mind, and your laptop/pc BEGGING you for a ChicaPC-fix check up, here’s what I have for you – I have teamed up with ChicaLogic to help you get your pc feeling better!

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5 Responses to Feeling sluggish?

  1. Megryansmom says:


    I tweeted. Question…can this be used on guy’s computer LOL

    megryansmom @ SBCglobal . net

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  3. Captain Random! says:

    Does this now mean i cannot call you when i need SOS!!! that was our excuse …. see post!

    Gingi Brown OMG Thanks Hysterical Randomness and my saving grace Sidney Reid for letting me know about ChicaLogic check them out! http://www.chicalogic.com/pc-health-check/

  4. Ronni R says:

    Woo-hoo! Anything that makes me feel less stupid about my laptop is alright with me!

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