Feeling Pretty

Over the last few weeks I have been to 2 events that made me feel…..pretty.

I didn’t always feel pretty…some days I have felt down right…bleh…

But on this day, I felt 1950’s pretty. I attended a fashion show and I usually go for a theme in my attire. This year was my theme was classic. And I must say I think I pulled it off quite nicely 🙂

Classic...with a slight twist

Classic…with a slight twist

Chicago with a Martha’s Vineyard feel

A few weeks after this, I attended a birthday 2photo shoot for an awesome sister friend of mine.

This is me when I arrived to the photo shoot. I know, pretty blah right?



And then I got my face beat.

Beat I say.

Beat. To. The. Gawds.



Clearly I am feeling way more than pretty 🙂

First Face Beating

First Face Beating

And here, I almost look like a professional model…at least to me 🙂

Beat to the Gawds

Beat to the Gawds

Wow. I swear I didn’t think I could look this pretty, amazing, beautiful. Not in a million years. And yet, here is photographic proof that I could. Can. Did.

If ever you are given the opportunity to be and feel beautiful, take it. And I don’t mean your regular dress up beautiful, but more like your professional, outside of your comfort zone beautiful. Let it happen, it will lift your spirits more than you can even imagine. Trust me, if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

8 Responses to Feeling Pretty

  1. Jasmine says:

    You look pretty without makeup too, beautiful in fact 🙂

  2. RJ says:

    You do look beautiful without ghetto makeup! Not “bleh,” beautiful!!

  3. Tira says:

    You are gorgeous everyday of your life; inside and out.

  4. sharon says:

    Hey pretty lady!!! This is awesome #loveyourselfie

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