July 1st is essentially the first day of the rest of the year. Your chance to start anew if you will.  What are you going to do with this fresh start?

Me? Glad you asked. I am going to make some changes in me that are LONG over due.  It is time for me to begin again, and I am starting with a BANG!!

I have started purging AGAIN (don’t judge me).  I am a pack rat/hoarder/archiver/however you choose to describe it.  I have a serious addiction to stuff/crap/shit.  It has to go. Like for real for real.  This has been a long time coming and if I am going to take myself to the next level, then I need to leave the baggage behind.

One of my sister friends told me my emotional state would get better and I cleaned my house.  For whatever reason, I heard her, in spite of hearing this same thing several times before from SEVERAL other people. (dammit I said don’t judge me!)  Well, ALL Y’ALL WAS RIGHT!!!!  My house felt like what Fred Sanford’s house looked like outside.  Stuff was everywhere and though we had learned to manage through our self inflicted clutter, it was killing us slowly.  We were not a happy family and it was starting to show.  The change had to be made and I decided to make it.  It was an extremely hard decision to make, because like my fat (shedditup) I had been with this clutter and I knew it.  You know how when you clean up and can’t find anything? Yea, that’s where I am now, and honestly, it isn’t so bad after all.  I mean its frustrating because I have gotten used to looking for stuff where it shouldn’t be, so I am retraining myself to look for it where it should be.

So, sometimes we all need to just reboot.

Start anew.

Control your self.

Alter your behavior.

Delete the crap.




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  1. megryansmom says:

    Awesome! Now you want to come over and help me purge all my crap?

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