Being an addict isn’t always bad… :-)

A few weeks back, during Snowmagettinonmynerves 2011, I was home (of course) trying to keep my kids from killing each other.  FINALLY, I let them outside to play in the snow when I hear the ‘ding’ of new mail in my inbox.  To my sheer enjoyment and surprise, I received an email from 1154 Lill Studio offering……(wait for it)……50% OFF ANY ITEM – pre-made or custom!

Do you have ANY idea how HUGE this is to someone like me?!?!?!?!?!?

Anyways, naturally I ordered a custom Sandra and she should arrive my the end of the month!

Well, in the midst of me ‘conceiving’ Sandra, I was also posting on the Facebook fan page for 1154 Lill Studio.

And then it happened……I was contacted by their Design Director and asked would I mind being interviewed for the blog. Like seriously, would I?!?!?!? I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!!

And so once all the questions were answered, and a picture sent of my and my first adopted baby, Maya, the post went up.

You can check out my rise to fame here :-D.

So, yea, sometimes being an addict is a good thing!

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