Along came a Zombie….

A few weeks ago, there was a Zombie on the Southside of Chicago………


Little Tech Girl was able to snag a photo of this one before he was squashed by this guy (pun intended lol)……


Fortunately the children were not afraid and did what was necessary to get rid of the zombie, while being protected by a gourd named Squash.


These particular children were very sad to leave those tablets and the game behind. Unfortunately, at this time, PvZ2 is not available on their tablets (Nabi2), and well I am having too much fun playing it on my own tablet (Galaxy Note 8) to share.

mini-pvz2This game is SUPER fun. I am not a gamer. AT. ALL. and this game got me. I am ALL. IN. If a gaming (whatever is less than) novice like me can get into this, clearly it is an amazing game. IJS. I mean anytime plants can kill zombies is a good time.

The game is a free download and is TOTALLY worth checking out.

Thanks Little Tech Girl, I had a blast at your party and I am SOO glad the zombie didn’t get us! Maybe it was the plant (er, flower) in my hair…



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