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Beat to the Gawds

Beat to the Gawds

I am a coffee-addicted mother of 3 rambunctious boys, wife to a highly sarcastic, but awesome and loving husband, and devoted friend to many. I am sometimes totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of testosterone in my house. Even the cat is a male. I enjoy shoes, purses, bacon, wine, and purses. Oh, did I say purses already?! Yes, I am a special kind of crazy :). At least thats what the voices in my head told me. They also said I was a queen and a princess, but I don’t have a crown or an unlimited budget, so I need to tell them to hush….

I spend my days working hard on my 9-5 and my nights wishing that it was wine Wednesday. I also enjoy arm and finger knitting, making one of a kind Bloomz, and selling Paparazzi jewelry (which I also wear a lot of!). Oh, and I love to spend way too much time roaming Target! (When I wear a red shirt, I have been accused of working there because I am there THAT much….sigh lol)
Some friends of mine decided (no, they did not ask me) that I should start blogging. I was told that I’m funny and that my thoughts needed to be captured. I think they just want to share my insanity with the world.
What to write about? Let’s see… I’ve been married for almost 14 years. My hubby and I met while uh, that’s not important hahaha. Let me tell you… there is a lot to talk about in marriage! It’s wonderful. No, really… it is. Just ask my husband. I’m sure that I can find a few things to say about it.
And listen… being a mother to 3 boys is its own comedy show! Whew!! I’m sure that you understand. And when I found out that there were twins coming??? I laughed hysterically…and then cried for 3 days when I was told they were boys. Between the constant questions, random statements, fighting, and drama there is so much to love! The smiles and hugs keep me sane from day to day.
 Here are a few random facts about me:
1.     I’m an introvert (If you have met me just shut up now. I am!!)
2.     I don’t like my food to touch (I already told you I’m special….)
3.     Riding in the backseat makes me nauseous (Have Dramamine ready!)
4.     I don’t eat brown M&Ms because they taste funny (What? It’s just me? Oh, ok then.)
On with the show!


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