A little late…..

Ok, so Luvvie over at Awesomely Luvvie posted about how she was gonna post on her blog EVERYDAY for the month of August.


I have a hard enough time coming up with something to write about once a month.

So I was thinking about doing it, to get better about writing something here and then I got punked by Kris over at Little Tech Girl.  So clearly that means I decided to give it a go -___-
I know I am a little late, and that I have a few days to make up but I am ready for the challenge.
My blog has been clearly lacking for a while, so this will be a great way to jump start my writing again. I have some stuff in the pike so I hope you will stick around to see what I have to say.
To check out all of the bloggers participating, search for the hashtag #31WriteNow
Thanks Luvvie for the challenge and Kris for the punking!

Happy reading!

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