A Dream Deferred?

I keep seeing some ex-NFL guy hawking his new show – The Moment – and it got me to thinking….What is my dream job?

Well, much to my chagrin, I came up empty. I could not think of ONE thing I really, really, REALLY wanted to do and hadn’t because life happened. It kind of scared me….like as kids we all had dreams on becoming something great, and some of us actually made it happen. Unfortunately, I do not consider myself apart of that collective ‘us.’ And that saddened me. Do I not have a purpose? Have I not dreamed big enough?

I mean, I have done some cool things – I birthed the clones ( and by birthed I mean NO C-Section). I started this blog. I run a small business, Bloomin’ Headz. But I I don’t recall having a ‘dream’ job. Is there something wrong with me? (Depending on who you are, you may NOT answer that question)

Are you doing your dream job? Was your dream deferred? If you could do it, what is your dream job?

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