30 Days and Counting……

10288453-life-begins-at-40-ty-sign-made-as-a-road-sign-illustration-734x1024In 30 days, I will be 40 years old.

(I’m gonna just let that sit there for a moment…….)

Many moons ago, my mommy, Madame Butterfly, told me “Life doesn’t start until 40.” I have spent the last 39 years eagerly waiting to get to 40. In 30 days it will happen. Not sure what I expect to happen. Though I am sure there will be no fireworks or confetti cannons, I am eager to know what great things are in store for me now that I will be 40.

So over the next thirty days, I shall share with you small tings about myself and how I plan to make my 40th year RAWK!!!!!!

Got suggestions? Please share them. I’d love to incorporate the good ones into the 40th Year.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! You seriously look and act like you're way younger. I mean, based on actions alone, you're about 12. 🙂 Love ya. Happy day!

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